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“We cannot adequately express how valuable this course was to us. Even during the course, my spouse used what he learned and improved his relationships with his kids. I "upgraded" my thinking too. There is no magic bullet - but boy this is close! ! ” - Teen Parent May 2017
“Your course was helpful not only in strengthening my relationship with my children but also in understanding how my upbringing impacts my parenting. Our three boys are doing really well, I’m so glad we discovered you Beverley as early in their lives as we did.” - Gill Deacon
“Beverley, for all of the books gathering dust on my parenting shelf, there’s nothing to compare to the interactive learning and corrections of your dynamic group classes!!! Hearing the other parents and their issues is very powerful too. It has provided me with the confidence and reassurance that I’m not alone!” ” - Norma Mozer
“I just finished the Parenting II course. I feel much more effective and empowered as a mother, and I think my children are feeling empowered as well!” - Tricia Kindree
“Thanks so much for the great sessions. You have truly found your calling - you are wonderful at what you do and some day I'm sure my children will give you an honorable mention when they receive the Nobel Peace prize!” - Nona Morrow
“I just loved our weekly class. I miss them! You're like my chiropractor - I need to see you each week to help put things back in place.” - Cindy Adler
“This course is one of the most worthwhile things I have done in a long, long time. I feel equipped to do a much better job as a parent - armed with both theories and practical methods. Both my son and husband feel the difference in our day-to-day lives, and we're arguing less and enjoying each other more. ” - Mom of a preteen
“This course has made more of a difference than you could imagine. It's so logical - I am a disciple! ” - Kathleen Taylor, RBC Chair
“It's day four of the new morning routine and Mike and I are thrilled with the results. Both our girls (9 & 7 years old) now have their own alarms and have embraced their new independence wholeheartedly. In fact, they are getting up 1/2 an hour earlier than they used to, are done and ready to go with some free time left to do homework or watch tv. They love it and I haven't had to tell them to hurry up or nag them to do anything! This is great progress. Thank you Beverley!” - Jerel Henry
“This course changed our lives. When we started the course, we were at our wits' end. Within a few weeks of changing our approach, we gained a tremendous degree of family harmony.” - Mary and Doug Penny
“A+ courses! I learned to focus on creating a more positive and close relationship with each of my children. Parenting is now much more enjoyable” - Nicole Smith
“Beverley reminds us that the struggle between parent and child can be resolved without leaving both angry and deflated. As well, her witty and warm approach made for a fun class!” - Catherine McHugh
“Beverley's courses are inspirational! Not only does she guide you to an understanding of the dynamics of your relationships, she also provides you with practical ideas on how to enhance those relationships.” - Holly Robertson
“Every time I get together with you I learn something very significant. I still haven't seen or experienced anyone who can match your ability - your knowledge and humor...you inspire hope in me.” - Doug Penny
“I wanted to thank you for a wonderful course that gave me many useful tools for approaching parenting with a refreshed outlook. Every session was invaluable. I found your program to be effective, professional and encouraging in all aspects of parenting.” - Leslie McConnell
“I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I have read many, many books on parenting but without the backup of conversation and the support of a group for feedback they just don't have the same impact.” - Linda Donnell
“Our actions and words as parents have such long-term consequences. I learned important steps to take so that I could make positive changes in the family.” - Katy Hayes
“I loved thinking about my role as a parent for today and for the future, which I often lose sight of. Most importantly the course provided me with some tools to continue a positive growth in our family.” - Debbie McNair
“It's changed my life. It's made my mornings so much easier. I feel so much happier and so do my kids.” - Raphy Dunlap
“I'm less argumentative with my children and it has changed our relationship for the positive. I loved the balance of your message, and discussions with other parents.” - Giovanni LaCorte
“Best program out there. It makes sense and it works!” - Sonya Stark
“Great insight, great tools, very logical...” - Barb Stock
“Every class I took away 5 or 6 things that spoke to me about what was going on at home.” - Josee
“This course has changed our family dynamic. We are now a team, functioning in a positive environment.” - Cherie Harrison
“I just wanted to tell you how truly helpful your advice has been to us over the years...You are an inspiration.” - Lisa McKinnon
“Incredibly useful information to help us understand our teen and practical ways to ensure that we are supporting him, while keeping our sanity! You are a superb facilitator, Doone ... I feel so much more equipped, and I haven’t even finished the course yet!” - Carla Hathaway
“Loved it — had lots of fun with the other parents and learned so much. It’s so nice to see that other people have the same issues and we’re all in it together. We need to be more supportive of each other!” - Gale Wilson
“I just wanted to thank you, Doone, for your enthusiasm and dedication. My head was spinning after each class! We’ve had our second family meeting and the boys were full of great ideas. This course has been a real education and I have been promoting it to all of my friends.” - Russell Smith
“Using the techniques we learned, the kids are now sleeping in their own beds the whole night. As a result, we are all getting decent sleep for the first time in three-and-a-half years!” - Jane Cleve
“I‘m such a big fan of your course and you. I can't believe how much all of your lessons have improved our family life. I can't thank you enough.” - Jennifer Kulchyski
“It felt great to be ‘back on track’ this past week … such a nice change from yelling or ‘turning off’ because I can’t think of something (nice) to say! The technique of posing questions (vs. managing and directing) has been so helpful. My son is responding so much better.” - Jana Meerkamper
“We are loving the course. My only wish is that it was longer than 6 weeks! Our class has rich and interesting discussions as people share their experiences and work through their own personal learnings - and it always feels like more time would be a good thing. The evening seems to fly by!” - Mel Brown
“My husband and I took the Dynamic Life Partnership Course and we absolutely loved it!!! We regularly use the skills we learned there. As facilitators, Martin and Georgine were knowledgeable, skillful and warm. Thank you for having this course.” - Anna Ballon
“This course provides a wonderful opportunity to take pause and reflect on your background and that of your partner to understand the dynamics at play in your marriage.” - Jody Wilson
“I enjoyed the homework. The ideas were thought provoking.” - Emma Wong
“The instructors were great. The husband-and-wife team gives you two perspectives on the same idea. They’re very experienced. It was helpful and made a difference!” - Laura Mair
“I loved your presentation to our anaphylaxis group, Beverley. I'm not easily impressed, but I was very won over by your warmth and wisdom. You are a very gifted communicator. Much of what you said struck a chord with me, which hasn't really happened when I've read parenting books or heard parenting advice on TV. I have two kids, ages 6 and 4, and in the past month since the meeting, I've really been able to step back and take a new approach when dealing with our little conflicts, and I think we're all a little happier as a result of my change in attitude. I wish I could have you on speed dial to keep me focused!” - Rhonda Bell
“Our course just finished and I am having withdrawal already...SO we can't wait to start Parenting II. Like other parents, we are now asking ourselves "what would Beverley do?" You have provided us with many, many valuable tools - thank you for such a great course! ” - Sue Farquhar

How to Book a Talk

For more information please call Beverley at 416-480-2499 or Doone at 416-944-0412. E-mail inquiries: doone@parentingnetwork.ca


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About Our Talks

  • They are tailored to suit your audience - whether parents of toddlers or teens
  • For a School audience: They can complement a PTA meeting or a new parent night, or be the focus of an event. Fees can be covered by government education grants; or funded through the Parents Association, school budgets, or directly by the parents
  • For a Corporation:The "Lunch and Learn" option is popular, as are before and after work programs.
  • Presentations are 1-2 hours, including time for Q and A
  • Promotional materials and comprehensive handouts are provided

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