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Our Talks are inspiring, informative and fun! Many of the insights we share were hard-won
through our own parenting experience. We put parents at ease and send them home with
practical tools and solutions for those day-to-day parenting challenges.

Top Ten Topics
1 Getting Out of The House (Without Losing your Mind)
  • Is running late the norm in your morning?
  • Are you raising your voice more than you'd like?
  • Who is running this show anyway? You or your kids?
  • Understand the reasons behind your child’s behavior and create more cooperation
  • Ensure your children develop the life skills they need to succeed
2 Reducing Anxiety in Your Children

Some children seem to navigate through life with confidence and resilience, while others are anxious, full of self-doubt.

Learn to:

  • Assess the state of your child’s anxiety and stress level, and gain ways to lessen it.
  • Easy, everyday tools that will equip your child to withstand peer pressure, cliques, and bullying
  • Lay the groundwork for self-confidence and happiness all through life
3 No Praise Junkies in this House!

Praise has now been shown to be counterproductive to children's self-esteem. Given with the best of intentions, praise can actually lead to more challenging behavior and undermine the life goals we have for our children.


  • How can I keep my child from becoming a Praise Junkie?
  • How to be a more encouraging parent
  • Help your child reach his true potential
4 Are Power Struggles Driving You Crazy?
  • Power, power, power. How much is enough for kids? How much is too much?
  • What is going to happen as they get older if it is like this already? Whether your child is 2 or 14, you might have these questions
  • Learn what power struggles are all about, why they take so much out of us and what we can do about them.
  • Get strategies for avoiding power struggles as well as practical tools to use in the middle of one.
5 Strengthening the Bond with Your Pre/Teen

Adolescence is often a time of great turmoil. Our teens are exploring a new sense of independence and parents are struggling with letting go.

Learn how to:

  • Stop the grounding and fighting
  • Improve the relationship and reduc the chance of high-risk behaviors during these years.
  • Strengthen the bond and improve communication with your teen.
6 Preventing High Risk Behaviors in Your Teen

Drugs, alcohol, sex, and even the internet pose potentially serious risks to our teenagers.

Learn how to:

  • Help them navigate this challenging time in their lives
  • About curfews, grounding, drinking and parties.
  • strategies to help better equip your teenager to withstand peer pressure, cliques, bullying and the tendency to indulge in high risk behaviors.

How to Book a Talk

For more information please call Beverley at 416-480-2499 or Doone at 416-944-0412. E-mail inquiries:


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About Our Talks

  • They are tailored to suit your audience - whether parents of toddlers or teens
  • For a School audience: They can complement a PTA meeting or a new parent night, or be the focus of an event. Fees can be covered by government education grants; or funded through the Parents Association, school budgets, or directly by the parents
  • For a Corporation:The "Lunch and Learn" option is popular, as are before and after work programs.
  • Presentations are 1-2 hours, including time for Q and A
  • Promotional materials and comprehensive handouts are provided

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“Beverley reminds us that the struggle between parent and child can be resolved without leaving both angry and deflated. As well, her witty and warm approach made for a fun class!” Catherine McHugh

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