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“Just finished reading the book. I really liked it and of course wished I had it 30 years ago when I first realized there must be a better way to raise our kids. I just sent a text to one of our sons who is studying behavioural science and said two things: I will send over the book for him to read and compare to what he is studying and second I apologized for all the silly techniques I had tried with he and his brothers over the years. I am most certain having tried all the things that didn\'t work that your strategies and approaches will be very helpful to every parent. Thank you for your contribution in writing this book.” - Gord Cook
I'm reading through your Raising Great Parents book right now. It really is a profound piece of work. Your book should be essential reading to all new, and old, parents. It's already changing how I parent. One of the most important and helpful books I've read, for sure. I'll be recommending the book to my friends. Thanks again, Reid ” - Reid Robson, Parent
If you want to be a great parent, this book is for you. I’m going to recommend it to all the parents I work with.It is filled with wisdom, practical advice, and non-judgmental help. The authors have years of experience, and their kindness and encouragement come through on every page. ” - Lynn Lott - Marriage & Family Therapist, best-selling co-author of numerous Positive Discipline books and manuals
I’ve looked everywhere, but it seems my kids didn’t come with operating instructions. At last, here is all the guidance, encouragement, and practical advice every parent needs to raise children in a respectful, harmonious way, and written in a friendly ‘we've been there’ style. This book will hold a permanent place on my bedside table. - Gill Deacon, radio host, television broadcaster, and author of There’s Lead in Your Lipstick
I guarantee that "Raising Great Parents" will bristle with bookmarks and sticky note reminders as readers find the information and exercises they need to become great parents.” - Emma Waverman co-author of Whining and Dining: Mealtime Survival for Picky Eaters and the Families Who Love Them
Raising Great Parents has nailed a new parenting model for a modern world that respects authority less and questions everything more. I came to these conclusions raising my own kids. If I’d had this book I’d have jump-started the process.” - Don Tapscott, bestselling author of fifteen books, most recently Radical Openness
Three wise and innovative authors build on years of researching, experiencing, and celebrating parents’ abilities to reflect, collaborate, and be creative on the journey of parenthood. Their step-by-step approach provides balanced, hopeful, and responsive interactions that will contribute to a healthy, long-term legacy for families. I highly recommended this book. ” - Marion Balla, Family Therapist & Educator, President of the Adlerian Counselling and Consulting Group, Ottawa, Ontario
This book is current with neuroscience, educational theory, leadership principles, positive psychology, and systems thinking and is based on the best of what all of us have always wanted for our children. My own life was transformed when I first found out about how to apply these principles, and this book is a great way to learn and practice them. I love the idea that parents are working themselves out of their job – learning to ‘unparent.’ ” - Dr. Linda Page, Ph.D., President of Adler School of Professional Studies and co-author of Coaching with the Brain in Mind: Foundations for Practice
“Raising Great Parents is sure to bring out the best in both parents and children. It helps parents exit from frustrating and harmful power struggles with their kids and enter the realm of love, respect, and cooperation. This book offers a wise map for the parenting journey. ” - Sarah Chana Radcliffe, author of Raise Your Kids Without Raising Your Voice and The Fear Factor
The program behind this book made more of a difference than I ever could have imagined. The principles are so logical, and my husband and our kids are enthusiastic supporters, too.” - Kathleen Taylor, Former President and CEO, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
A giant step beyond reward and punishment. This book’s focus on goal-oriented parenting offers hundreds of specific techniques. Raising Great Parents is designed to strengthen the qualities that parents need so children can develop their full potential. The authors provide a gift of knowledge developed in three lifetimes of work with parents and children.” - Dr. Frank Walton, Psychologist, Columbia, South Carolina, and Faculty Member, International Adlerian Summer Institute

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