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About Beverley

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Beverley Cathcart-Ross is a leading national parenting expert and Founding Director of Parenting Network.

Beverley is an in-demand speaker with schools, corporations and as an expert with the media. Her advice can be found in magazines such as Today's Parent, Readers Digest, Canadian Family, and Chatelaine. Beverley was hailed "Toronto's top parenting guru" by Toronto Life magazine. She is the co-author of the recently published book "Raising Great Parents - How to Become the Parent Your Child Needs You to Be"; and producer of a bestselling Parenting CD Series, titles include: Self Esteem, What’s your Style, Who’s the Boss, Keeping the Peace and Setting Limits. Beverley’s natural charisma warms up a crowd and inspires hope in even the most discouraged parent.

About Doone

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Doone Estey, BA, MA, is a Certified Parent Educator, Partner at Parenting Network Inc. and an authoritative speaker.  

Drawing on her skills as a coach, facilitator and teacher, Doone inspires parents with children of all ages, helping them raise great kids.  She can turn families around effectively in no time, giving them tools to deal with everything from Power Struggles and Sibling Rivalry to Curfew and Disrespectful Teens.  Doone motivates parents to be the best they can be, using a relaxed, no nonsense style of communication that resonates immediately.

What we do

Parenting Network brings out the best: the best in your child, in your family and in you. And we promise that we'll change your family's life for the better - or we'll refund your money.

What we believe

We believe that if you give parents quality information, practical skills and knowledgeable guidance, their children will grow up healthy, happy and successful.

What we give you

  • Tools for difficult situations: what to say, what to do
  • Comprehensive handouts: cheat sheets, charts and lists of do's and don'ts
  • Hands-on activities designed to help you see life through your child's eyes
  • A thought-provoking class environment where you can focus deeply on the subject at hand and
  • enjoy helpful discussion with other parents (in our courses and teleclasses)

What parents love about our approach

  • The way we distil theoretical knowledge and expertise down to practical suggestions and solutions
  • Our fun, invigorating style
  • Our sharing of insights hard-won through our own parenting experience

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