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“Thanks so much for the fantastic teleseminar. I found it hugely helpful and am definitely feeling optimistic. We had a pretty calm morning today (I felt calm at least). My 4 year old ended up wearing his pajama top under his clothes. I'm not sure why-- he thought it was hilarious and I just let it go. He might be a bit warm at school but that's ok on a cold day like today!” - Eva Sec
“Great teleconference session. I will work hard all week to incorporate your wonderful suggestions and respect kids and myself and not nag or yell!” - Indiana McDonald
“What a brilliant idea! This was so convenient, quick and effective. The ability to ask questions and dialog with Beverley made the experience feel like the best of a live class and a counseling session in one.” - Melissa Hylton
“It's day four of the new morning routine and Mike and I are thrilled with the results. Both our girls (9 & 7 years old) now have their own alarms and have embraced their new independence wholeheartedly. In fact, they are getting up 1/2 an hour earlier than they used to, are done and ready to go with some free time left to do homework or watch tv. They love it and I haven't had to tell them to hurry up or nag them to do anything! This is great progress. Thank you Beverley!” - Jerel Henry
“After the teleclass I felt empowered and like the most capable mom that I can be! I was reminded to think before I act/react, and observe my non-verbal behavior.” - Lesley Shepard

How to Book a Talk

For more information please call Beverley at 416-480-2499 or Doone at 416-944-0412. E-mail inquiries: doone@parentingnetwork.ca


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About Our Talks

  • They are tailored to suit your audience - whether parents of toddlers or teens
  • For a School audience: They can complement a PTA meeting or a new parent night, or be the focus of an event. Fees can be covered by government education grants; or funded through the Parents Association, school budgets, or directly by the parents
  • For a Corporation:The "Lunch and Learn" option is popular, as are before and after work programs.
  • Presentations are 1-2 hours, including time for Q and A
  • Promotional materials and comprehensive handouts are provided

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