About Parenting Courses

“We cannot adequately express how valuable this course was to us. Even during the course, my spouse used what he learned and improved his relationships with his kids. I "upgraded" my thinking too. There is no magic bullet - but boy this is close! ! ” - Teen Parent May 2017
“Your course was helpful not only in strengthening my relationship with my children but also in understanding how my upbringing impacts my parenting. Our three boys are doing really well, I’m so glad we discovered you Beverley as early in their lives as we did.” - Gill Deacon
“Beverley, for all of the books gathering dust on my parenting shelf, there’s nothing to compare to the interactive learning and corrections of your dynamic group classes!!! Hearing the other parents and their issues is very powerful too. It has provided me with the confidence and reassurance that I’m not alone!” ” - Norma Mozer
“I just finished the Parenting II course. I feel much more effective and empowered as a mother, and I think my children are feeling empowered as well!” - Tricia Kindree
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About Teleclasses

“Thanks so much for the fantastic teleseminar. I found it hugely helpful and am definitely feeling optimistic. We had a pretty calm morning today (I felt calm at least). My 4 year old ended up wearing his pajama top under his clothes. I'm not sure why-- he thought it was hilarious and I just let it go. He might be a bit warm at school but that's ok on a cold day like today!” - Eva Sec
“Great teleconference session. I will work hard all week to incorporate your wonderful suggestions and respect kids and myself and not nag or yell!” - Indiana McDonald
“What a brilliant idea! This was so convenient, quick and effective. The ability to ask questions and dialog with Beverley made the experience feel like the best of a live class and a counseling session in one.” - Melissa Hylton
“It's day four of the new morning routine and Mike and I are thrilled with the results. Both our girls (9 & 7 years old) now have their own alarms and have embraced their new independence wholeheartedly. In fact, they are getting up 1/2 an hour earlier than they used to, are done and ready to go with some free time left to do homework or watch tv. They love it and I haven't had to tell them to hurry up or nag them to do anything! This is great progress. Thank you Beverley!” - Jerel Henry
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About the Audio CDs

“These CDs are absolutely jam-packed full of W.O.W. ("Words of Wisdom"). I will listen to them again and probably again after that!” - Irma Connell
“The CDs struck a chord with me: they are very insightful into the feelings of both the child and the parent, and gave very practical advice! A small investment for great gains in family life.” - Barbara Anderson
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About Monthly E-mail Tips

“My god I love these e-mail parenting tips! Really so on target and I forward them to all my friends ... From an extremely busy working mom, THANK YOU.” - Jen Tripp
“I open all your emails and truly appreciate your wonderful parenting tips. We all want to be the best parents, but life sometimes gets in the way. Your comments nudge me back to remembering what really matters most.” - Anon
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About Private Consultations

“It's day four of the new morning routine and Mike and I are thrilled with the results. Both our girls (9 & 7 years old) now have their own alarms and have embraced their new independence wholeheartedly. In fact, they are getting up 1/2 an hour earlier than they used to, are done and ready to go with some free time left to do homework or watch tv. They love it and I haven't had to tell them to hurry up or nag them to do anything! This is great progress. Thank you Beverley!” - Jerel Henry
“After our session, I responded to my son with a whole new mindset. We had a dramatically better day, and when incidents arose they calmed almost immediately rather than escalating. I feel so much better and so does he!” - Mandi
“Talking to you, Beverley, always gives me such renewed hope and faith that my hubbie and I can do this. You have such an incredible gift in your ability to constantly pull parents like me back from the brink of doom and gloom and empower us with skills and confidence to carry on. You’re like a chiropractor, re-aligning and re-adjusting so that I can see clearly again. In short, you are a goddess and I thank you so, so much for your help!” - Gill Deacon
“We can't believe the difference in our 9-year-old son! Initially he had such a low self-esteem and was crying many nights saying things like ‘I don't want to go to school, I am short, I am stupid, I'm not good at anything,’ etc. Now since we have been working with Beverley, he has done a complete 180! We learned valuable skills to help us parent better so that he could feel empowered and better able to handle his life.” - Tamara Blum and Richard Cohen
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About Corporate Lunch'n Learns

“The feedback we received from participants yesterday was excellent:
  • 100% of participants ranked the speaker as ‘excellent’ (a 4 or 5 out of 5),
  • 96% of participants ranked the information provided as “highly valuable” (a 4 or 5 out of 5), and
  • 100% of participants said that they walked away with a suggestion that would save them time or energy

When asked what they enjoyed most, comments included:
  • The personal experiences shared by the speaker
  • I should have taken this workshop a long time ago. I learned a lot from it.
  • The informal presentation style used while delivering the message effectively
  • Very informative
  • The concept of modeling
  • Learning to be patient and step back when angry
- CIBC Mellon
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About School and Private Group Talks

“I loved your presentation to our anaphylaxis group. I'm not easily impressed, but I was very won over by your warmth and wisdom. You are a very gifted communicator. Much of what you said struck a chord with me, which hasn't really happened when I've read parenting books or heard parenting advice on TV. I have two kids, ages 6 and 4, and in the past month since the meeting, I've really been able to step back and take a new approach when dealing with our little conflicts, and I think we're all a little happier as a result of my change in attitude. I wish I could have you on speed dial to keep me focused!” - Rhonda Bell
“Beverley, it was truly a pleasure to finally host you at our school and for so many parents to discover your fantastic parenting tools and philosophy. Our turnout was wonderful — a direct testimony to the dynamic speaker & personality that you are. Our parent group was engaged, enlightened and inspired by your delightful, informative, interactive style!” - Norma Mozer
“The time I spent in your workshop was invaluable! I think parents should learn proper communication methods from the get-go thus creating a consistent parenting approach.” - Meredith Ashton
“Beverley, thank you for an insightful presentation! Parents and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the workshop on Instilling True Self-Esteem in Children. Everyone felt inspired by your presentation and found the approaches discussed to be practical. Thank you! ” - Central Montessori School, Toronto, Ontario
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About What the media has to say...

“I have had the pleasure of working with Beverley Cathcart-Ross over the past several years as producer on several audio CDs produced for Parenting Network. Beverley’s years of on-air appearances on radio and television have turned her into a pro. She is a natural in front of a microphone, whether speaking to a live audience or recording in a private studio. Her natural warmth and charisma make her immensely likeable. Her smile comes across in her voice, whether you can see her face or not. She is so knowledgeable and experienced on all matters related to parenting. Her comfort with the subject puts her at complete ease and makes an audience sit up and listen. I will admit to having attended more than one of Beverley’s parenting classes and can attest to her infectious presence. She warms up a crowd and inspires hope in even the most discouraged parent. The world needs more Beverley! ” - Gill Deacon, TV Celebrity, Journalist
“Beverley is a gem. She is articulate, smart and thoughtful. I’ve interviewed dozens of experts on a range of topics. I’m always listening for my ‘sound bite’ during a discussion. Beverley consistently makes my job easier since she has the ability to sum up a point in a clear and concise manner. She is extremely knowledgeable and I quickly grew to trust her advice. Beverley is warm and engaging but best of all, she has the ability to be relaxed and enjoy the process. I looked forward to our interviews since I could always count on a professional and successful outcome. ” - Karen Horsman, National Parenting Columnist for CBC
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About Parenting Book

“Just finished reading the book. I really liked it and of course wished I had it 30 years ago when I first realized there must be a better way to raise our kids. I just sent a text to one of our sons who is studying behavioural science and said two things: I will send over the book for him to read and compare to what he is studying and second I apologized for all the silly techniques I had tried with he and his brothers over the years. I am most certain having tried all the things that didn\'t work that your strategies and approaches will be very helpful to every parent. Thank you for your contribution in writing this book.” - Gord Cook
I'm reading through your Raising Great Parents book right now. It really is a profound piece of work. Your book should be essential reading to all new, and old, parents. It's already changing how I parent. One of the most important and helpful books I've read, for sure. I'll be recommending the book to my friends. Thanks again, Reid ” - Reid Robson, Parent
If you want to be a great parent, this book is for you. I’m going to recommend it to all the parents I work with.It is filled with wisdom, practical advice, and non-judgmental help. The authors have years of experience, and their kindness and encouragement come through on every page. ” - Lynn Lott - Marriage & Family Therapist, best-selling co-author of numerous Positive Discipline books and manuals
I’ve looked everywhere, but it seems my kids didn’t come with operating instructions. At last, here is all the guidance, encouragement, and practical advice every parent needs to raise children in a respectful, harmonious way, and written in a friendly ‘we've been there’ style. This book will hold a permanent place on my bedside table. - Gill Deacon, radio host, television broadcaster, and author of There’s Lead in Your Lipstick
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How to Book a Talk

For more information please call Beverley at 416-480-2499 or Doone at 416-944-0412. E-mail inquiries: doone@parentingnetwork.ca


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About Our Talks

  • They are tailored to suit your audience - whether parents of toddlers or teens
  • For a School audience: They can complement a PTA meeting or a new parent night, or be the focus of an event. Fees can be covered by government education grants; or funded through the Parents Association, school budgets, or directly by the parents
  • For a Corporation:The "Lunch and Learn" option is popular, as are before and after work programs.
  • Presentations are 1-2 hours, including time for Q and A
  • Promotional materials and comprehensive handouts are provided

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