Yes, You Can Have a Great Relationship!

$199 CDN

Course Date(s)
Starts: 5 Wednesdays, October 18 - November 15 , 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Location: Royal St George's College, Howland Ave between Dupont and Bloor

$199 pp and $349 per couple/friends - no HST

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Includes one copy of the course text: Raising Great Parents

For parents with at least one child 10 or older.

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Adolescence is often a time of great turmoil. Our teens are exploring a new sense of independence and parents are struggling with letting go. Stop the grounding and fighting. Enjoy a closer relationship based on honesty and respect. 

What you will learn:

Raising excellence in your Teen - homework, motivation, curfew

How the Teen brain and the Teen mind works

Learn the protective factors for helping your Teen negotiate high risk behaviors - drinking, parties, facebook, sexting, video games, etc.

Better communication skills - How to listen, and get your Teen to open up and share.

Cooperative problem-solving - Stop the yelling, threats, and arguing!

Positive approaches to discipline and chores - Agreements and follow through.

Go home each week with more confidence in your parenting!

Materials included with the Course:

You will receive our new parenting book "Raising Great Parents - How to Be the Parent Your Child Needs You to Be" (one copy per couple) ; plus comprehensive handouts with each class full of tips and practical suggestions you can put into action right away.

What parents have to say...

“This course has made more of a difference than you could imagine. It's so logical - I am a disciple! ” Kathleen Taylor, RBC Chair

“We cannot adequately express how valuable this course was to us. Even during the course, my spouse used what he learned and improved his relationships with his kids. I "upgraded" my thinking too. There is no magic bullet - but boy this is close! ! ” Teen Parent May 2017

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