Keeping the Peace
How to work cooperatively with your child

This lively and informative download, from the best-selling Audio Parenting Series, will give you the skills and tools you need to be a better parent.

Thousands of families have found they can dramatically improve their level of family cooperation, respect and closeness thanks to the skills parents learned from Beverley Cathcart-Ross and Guest Gill Deacon.

Packed with over 60 minutes of great ideas, practical examples and the language so important to being a positive leader for your children.

Keeping the Peace – How to work cooperatively with your child

Anxiety-free strategies to get your family working together!


Cooperation is such a wonderful word. It conjures up positive feelings: calmness, togetherness, unity and harmony. As parents, we’d all love more of this in our families! Learn the strategies that will get your family working together!

Track Listing

  1. Cooperation – Is It a Dream?
  2. How We Contribute to the Problem Unknowingly
  3. A Better Parent-Child Relationship
  4. Roadblocks to Great Communication
  5. Four Easy Steps to Becoming an Awesome Listener
  6. Getting the Parent’s Needs Met!
  7. The Attitude That Invites Cooperation from Your Child
  8. Ten Tools That Will Win Your Child Over
  9. Positive Family Atmosphere: Yelling, Perfection, Conflicts and Other Hurdles
  10. Family Meetings (not the unpleasant formal kind!), Celebrations and Other Beneficial Approaches

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What parents have to say...

“These CDs are absolutely jam-packed full of W.O.W. ("Words of Wisdom"). I will listen to them again and probably again after that!” Irma Connell

“The CDs struck a chord with me: they are very insightful into the feelings of both the child and the parent, and gave very practical advice! A small investment for great gains in family life.” Barbara Anderson

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